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Little Feet Daycare in New Westminster

Little Feet Family Daycare is a licensed daycare offering exceptional child care for children 5 and under. Thematic preschool program, outdoor programs, community lessons, and field trips.


Mission Statement

Little Feet Daycare provides safe and nurturing early childhood education in a loving and caring home environment. We are a licensed family daycare in New Westminster, British Columbia. Little Feet Day Care is licensed to care for up to seven children between the ages of one to five and has over 15 years of experience working with children.


Little Feet Family Daycare is a wonderful place for small groups of children to play and learn. We realize that most parents in today's society do not have the opportunity to stay home with their children, so Little Feet offers the next best option.



Stephanie is a mother of 2 wonderful boys and after her second son was born, she decided that she did not want her time with them to end and decided to open a family daycare. “Little Feet” was chosen with the help of her oldest son.

Little Feet Childcare Educational

Little Feet Childcare Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Little Feet Childcare Home based family care

Little Feet Childcare Nutritional snacks and lunch provided

Little Feet Childcare Convenient New West location

Little Feet Childcare Licensed provider since 2007

Little Feet Childcare Fun, Fun, Fun

Little Feet Childcare Monday to Friday 7:30 to 5:30

New Westminster • British Columbia • Canada •

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